Host A SCNTED Candle Party

Host a SCNTED Candle Party in your home and receive host rewards! Who doesn't love shopping, free products, and candles?

With a candle party you can get all your family, coworkers and friends together to shop all our SCNTED products and for being the party host you will earn $$ towards product and 50% off products depending on your party sales volume.

Candle parties are typically held on Saturdays & Sundays, email us to schedule yours right away.

Total Party Sales  Free Product $$  Half Priced Items
$1 - $200 $20 1
$201 - $350 $35 2
$351 - $500 $75 3
$501 - $1000 $150 4



Please contact us if you're looking to host a candle party or at