Our Story

SCNTING & Lighting Your Path To Self Care!

Welcome to SCNTED fragrance co. and thank you for shopping with us!

All of my SCNTED products are curated by me to motivate & inspire the spirit and to ignite self care.

"Nothing recalls a forgotten memory like fragrance!"

I created SCNTED fragrance co. to motivate and inspire individuals and therefore the community and world around us.  I don't mind sharing that I was in an abusive relationship for several years in which I became a shell of myself. I had forgotten what my joys in life were.

My faith brought me through and has sparked a self-rediscovery. I've always been creative and a serial entrepreneur creating businesses around the things I love and have a passion for. Recently I rediscovered one of my many joys, SCNT (fragrance). I began burning candles, warming oils and wax melts. All of which were thoughtfully selected, I had to have a connection to the SCNT to create with it and add it to my collection. I close my eyes while meeting a SCNT and see where it takes me, is it an old memory or a vision of a new memory waiting to happen. A SCNT can change my mood, my outlook on life, help me focus and go along with me on a self care journey. This is why I started SCNTED fragrance co., to carefully and thoughtfully curate SCNT collections that will be unique and inspire memories and self care! 

My dream is for SCNTED fragrance co. to help you find your passion and overcome the obstacles and odds you may face daily to live your passion every day. Use and fall in love with any of my SCNTED products and create that SCNT memory, get in a SCNTED state of mind everyday.

I hope when you fall in love with my SCNTED products you share your love of SCNTED with friends, coworkers and family. Check back frequently as I will introduce new products and SCNTs often.

Use the hashtag #SCNTEDObsessed to show us how you "get in a SCNTED state of mind!" 

Founder + Owner
Tatia Williams
Instagram @SCNTEDfragranceco