Confetti Meltz
Confetti Meltz
Confetti Meltz

Hassenaah California

Confetti Meltz

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Confetti Meltz are a fantastic way to scent a larger area. They fill the room with scent and set a cozy atmosphere.

The rose petals and jasmine flowers should not cause any problems in your wax warmer. They don’t come in direct contact with a flame, and the wax doesn’t get hot enough for them to burn. The petals will eventually turn brown.



Bayberry Phashin ~ bayberry, cinnamon, citrus, musky, pine, spiced clove, woody

Seductive ~ lemon, lime, cucumber, tuberose, rose, clove, coconut, balsam, and musk as well as grapefruit, bergamot, tea leaf, jasmine, peach, lily, and amber

Spiced ~ brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pumpkin, vanilla

Self Love ~ coconut, floral, peach

3 oz.

Confetti burn time varies.

Do not leave unattended when using an open flame.

Use a wax warmer to activate the awesome scent.